What Does “Economic Justice” Mean to You As a Woman or Racial Minority?

The answer to this question is simple to me. It means economic parity—parity in access to capital for minority businesses, access to economic opportunities through employment and sustainability for minorities and any and all things in between. Since focusing my law firm on capital compliance for small businesses and since being elected to the Georgia legislature, I have seen vast differences in the capital raising pipeline, access and process between minorities and non-minorities. It has been concerning so I decided to do something about it.

That is why I launched Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (“KAAG”). This is a full service consulting and advocacy firm for groups and individuals who want to fight for economic justice in their community for racial minorities and women. We help with event planning, advocacy consulting and general consulting on economic justice matters that matter to you!

KAAG did a “soft launch” in February but we have been busy since that time. Here are a few highlights:

(1) I became a Black Enterprise Magazine contributor in January of this year and have published three articles so far, with a 4th one PENDING on an Atlanta based company using technology to connect citizens with issues and policy markers:

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(2) I built an enewsletter called “DarshunSpeaks” with a strong following of over 140 committed people to the cause of economic justice. It continues to grow by the day. You can view the past enewsletters below:

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(3) I scheduled a series of events starting this spring. First one coming up!

April 18th Meet Up- Register online today!

View other events online which include, but not limited to, May 2nd Twitter chat on “The State of Minorities Access to Capital” and an end of May Book Club and Investment Club meeting.

Will you join the cause?

I am pleased to announce our signature event on July 25th in partnership with the Chick fil A Foundation, TAG (Technology Association of Georgia), the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and Minority Access to Capital, Inc. on minorities raising capital and growth strategies at the Georgia World Congress Center. *Sponsorships are available for each of these events so visit us online to learn more.


My name is Dar’shun Kendrick and I am a business attorney and owner of Kendrick Law Practicehelping businesses raise capital the LEGAL way. I have 2 B.A.s from Oglethorpe University, a law degree from the University of Georgia and an M.B.A. from Kennesaw State University. Additionally,I have been elected to the Georgia House of Representatives (East DeKalb/South Gwinnett counties) since 2011 and I serve on the committees of Juvenile Justice, Interstate Cooperation, Judiciary NonCivil and as the ranking Democrat on the Small Business and Job Creation Committee. I am also board member of the Technology Association of Georgia’s corporate development board.

Currently, I am also Founder and Board Chair of a non-profit organization to EDUCATE and EMPOWER minorities called Minority Access to Capital, Inc. . Furthermore, I am an Economic Justice Advocate and Owner of Kendrick Advisory and Advocacy Group, LLC providing consulting and advocacy services on policy and initiatives for minorities across the nation. More information can be found online at www.DarshunKendrick.com about my platform.


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